Local Churches Volunteer at Children’s Homes »

Imperio de Amor Children’s Home has been adopted by a local church in Monterrey, Familia Cristiana Principe de Paz. This involvement is hugely important as we continue to provide greater depth of care for each orphan we serve.

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Tres Reyes Community Center Development »

We are excited to partner with local churches and other non-profit organizations in CancĂșn for the Tres Reyes Community Center Project.

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Shining God’s Light in Bonfil »

Joseline attends the programming faithfully. She loves craft time and thrives within the nurturing environment. For Joseline, and many of the other children, the meal at Mission Educ-Arte will be on the only one they receive that day.

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Local Involvement in Mazatlan »

We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of our ministry site in Mazatlan, Mexico. Back2Back Mazatlan was started to provide holistic care to orphans at three children’s homes in this area. Beyond the vast number of orphans in this city is the face of one little boy, Jose.

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Standing Back2Back with Nationals, by Matt & Julie Cooper, Back2Back Cancun »

Through a series of God-events, we have met a pastor by the name of Victor. Pastor Victor has a small church in a neighborhood named Tres Reyes. Tres Reyes is the same neighborhood where we have been helping Noehmi’s family build a house. Victor has a desire to reach the people Tres Reyes for Christ. […]

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