Sponsor Mission Trips

As a sponsor, you and your family have the opportunity to meet the child or family you sponsor in person.

  • Sponsor Mission Trips

    You can visit the child or family you sponsor through a Sponsorship Mission Trip. These trips are generally offered once a year or once every other year.

    A Sponsorship Mission Trip provides:

    • Connection with the child or family you sponsor through tailored activities
    • Fun cultural experiences
    • The potential to meet primary caregivers, friends, and/or siblings
    • The opportunity to speak in-depth with Back2Back staff
    • A focus on relationship building with optional work projects

    Email sponsorship@back2back.org to learn about sponsor mission trip opportunities.

    Please note, Sponsor Mission Trip fees are slightly higher than regular Back2Back mission trips. The higher fee covers extra expenses of the trip such as special outings and a smaller staff-to-trip-participant ratio. The Back2Back trip fees also cover housing, food, activities, projects, field trips, transportation and emergency medical insurance while you are at the Back2Back site.

  • Back2Back Mission Trips

    You can also visit the child or family you sponsor on a regular Back2Back Mission Trip. While you are visiting, Back2Back staff are committed to doing everything within their power to ensure you have time to connect with them. The length of the visit will depend on the site and the mission team with which you are serving. Combining a regular mission trip with visiting the child or family you sponsor can be the best of both worlds – experiencing the power of a short-term mission trip while also strengthening the relationship with the child you sponsor.

    Click here to learn more about Back2Back Mission Trips or call 513.754.0300 and ask for the Mission Trip Management Team.

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