Psychologist – Haiti

Position: Psychologist – Haiti

Position Description: Each of the function, are according to the needs that demand of the program, resulting in an impact on the child. It also allows the work to be measurable and verifiable fulfilling this with state, national and international legal framework.

Primary Relationship: Site Director 


  • Perform psychological assessment for each youth entering
  • Physiological evaluations for each of the families of the children from the time of admission, during and upon graduation.
  • Check the internal regulations and the process of suited behavior in programs.
  • Propose and develop programs for the Hope Program student and their family.
  • Prepare and train the tutors to give them skills in the performance of the child’s functions.
  • Hold interviews and an application of psychological tests for the children to identify possible mistreatment or abuse
  • Evaluate the possible reintegration of the children to their biological family at the time of discharge.
  • Develop and integrate a psychological dossier for each Hope Program student in chronological order according to the advance and intervention of each student.
  • Investigate and propose intervention techniques to the children to achieve their emotional development
  • Develop a monthly working agenda and carry it out with each child we work with
  • Attend to the recommendation and development strategies for work collaboratively with the government.
  • Prepare a monthly report of the progress made for the Site Director
  • Work with family and friends to create ministry partner team, who financially support role

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