Provide emotional support and follow-up to the students (and indirectly, families) that are a part of the Hope Program.


Monterrey, Mexico



Reports To

Hope Program Director

Works closely with

Hope Program Students, House Parents, Biological Families of Hope Program Students

Position summary: Provide emotional support and follow-up to the students (and indirectly, families) that are a part of the Hope Program.

This area is closely related to the social work area and the Hope Program Director. It also interacts with trainers on a continual basis and frequently with the biological families of the students in the institution. For legal purposes, this position works hand in hand with corresponding government (DIF) personnel and attend training sessions with psychologists from other homes. 

The position has the responsibility to execute the programs and legal commitments within the Hope Program Strategic Plan, which includes the selection process of the house parents and students that will participate in the implementation of the program and its supervision. 

Primary responsibilities:

  • Evaluate with the technical team the families and youth who request entry to the program
  • Apply psychological assessments to students who apply for admission to the Program
  • Give test results applied to the team to be approved with the Technical Team
  • Follow up with the DIF regarding the files of students who were approved to enter the Hope Program
  • Make a psychosocial report of families of the Hope Program together with the Hope Program Technical team
  • Support the process of entry and placement of the student in the Hope Program 
  • Open and keep updated a psychological file of each student in the Hope Program utilizing the Child Status Index system (CSI)
  • Periodically visit (weekly and on an as-needed basis) the Hope Program families in order to accompany them and give them the needed support in the different processes of welcoming, changes, mourning and others. Always documenting processes, progress, changes and agreements.
  • Plan and execute training sessions together with the Hope Program Technical Team and refine based on feedback received.
  • Develop periodic evaluations of the students’ development on a monthly basis 
  • Create a final evaluation with the Hope Program Technical Team of the student and their family upon departure from the program. 
  • Attend periodic DIF meetings with the Technical Team. 
  • Attend staff meetings, trainings and Back2Back Orientation
Specific Objectives:
  • Receive record of children’s home of origin
  • Interview student’s family members
  • Assign appointment for the students’ psychometric assessment
  • Develop personalized life plan depending on the needs of the student (strengths and weaknesses) 
  • Report to the DIF new students in the Hope Program within the allowed time frame.
Psychological Records (Permanent):
  • Open and keep updated a psychological file for each student in the Hope Program with the objective of measuring the student’s growth in the program
  • Integration of information: report from children’s home of origin, interview with family and with student 
  • Schedule weekly therapy sessions.
  • Keep record of psychological meetings
  • Evaluate and adjust student’s life plan
  • On a per-student basis, make decisions regarding intervention strategies, frequency of therapy and type of therapy
  • Conduct home visits with the Technical Team to gather information to get to know the family dynamics and adjust the psychological intervention towards the student based on this information.
  • Conduct group therapy sessions where the student can learn life skills and learns to self-regulate when expressing their emotions
  • Meet with the House Parents twice per month regarding the students living in their house and propose ideas for adjusting the individual Life Plans as needed.
Hope Program Graduate Follow-Up
  • Be aware of the situation surrounding the student’s departure from the Hope Program.
  • Conduct home visits to the corresponding family
  • Determine if the student is graduating from the program or moving into transition
  • Create and deliver the exit report to the DIF
  • Periodically follow up with graduate
  • Ensure that the student leaves with the necessary skills and tools to face life and be functional

Required education and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • 2 years of clinical experience with teenagers and adults (preferred)

Required skills and abilities:

  • Commit to Back2Back’s mission and vision.
  • Adhere to and share the Back2Back Statement of Faith, Cultural Values, and Standards of a Staff Member.
  • Operate with basic competency in Microsoft Office and Google Apps.
  • Fluent in Spanish (verbal and written)
  • Understanding and practice with theories of trauma and attachment
  • Proficient in Trust-Based Relationship Intervention methods
  • Management of interviews
  • Ability to perform psychological evaluations
  • Management of records
  • Individual, marital and family therapies
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • High communication skills
  • Good attitude and teamwork
  • Open to respecting people on different social, religious and cultural conditions
  • Flexible schedule, 45 hours per week
  • Work with friends and family to create ministry partners and sustain ministry partnership development. 
  • Ability to relocate to Back2Back site in Monterrey, Mexico

This job description is intended to convey essential information about the scope and requirements of the position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties or responsibilities associated with the role. Staff may be assigned tasks other than those specifically listed in this description in order to further the goals of the role or of the organization.

Back2Back Ministries is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people, and vulnerable adults as outlined in the Back2Back Safeguarding Policy. We recognize the effectiveness of safe recruitment and are committed to recruiting candidates who share this commitment to safeguarding. 

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