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US Office Summer Internships

Back2Back interns gain practical hands-on ministry and leadership training experience through service in the US Office. Interns work alongside Back2Back staff members and assist in the behind-the-scenes work of a corporate office of a non-profit organization.

Employee Relations Director

Lead the development and implementation of long-term staffing strategies in order to build an equipped and unified global team. This includes developing multi-national leaders, reproducing organizational culture, guiding professional development, and ensuring that structures support the success and sustainability of staff so they can focus on fulfilling their calling through the mission and vision of Back2Back.

Back2Back Learn Manager

Increase the competency and capacity of the global staff team through strategies that target collaboration, site ownership, and localization of content. Develop, deliver, and track online assignments through Back2Back Learn and align with global and site offline training to build momentum toward current and future developmental goals.

Site Child Development Coordinator

The Site Child Development Coordinator will work to develop their Back2Back Ministries' site in awareness, knowledge and practical application of trauma-informed best practice.  

Back2Back Cincinnati Internships

Located in our corporate hometown of Cincinnati, interns will experience first-hand the stories of success that are being written within the city of Cincinnati. Back2Back Cincinnati interns gain practical ministry experience by investing in the lives of children, youth and families.

International Summer Internships

Interns work alongside Back2Back staff members and assist behind-the-scenes to host summer mission trip teams. International interns help lead work projects at local children’s homes and outreaches to underdeveloped communities, contributing to the mission of providing holistic orphan care.

Site Staff

Works with site director and team to fulfill the vision and mission of Back2Back at an international site by providing holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Development Officer

Responsible for growing the resources to accomplish the mission and vision of Back2Back.

Development Officer Volunteer

Secure funding for the organization by developing a group of assigned, qualified donors (caseload). Assure as many as possible are retained as continuing donors and upgraded in their giving and involvement, thereby helping them to fulfill their passions and interests through giving to Back2Back and enabling the ministry to accomplish its mission and vision.

Graphic Designer

Back2Back is looking for a creative professional to visually share stories of orphaned and vulnerable children through excellent Graphic Design. You will work on a variety of deliverables including web content, email and social media graphics, magazines, apparel, rack cards, brochures, and training manuals.


Facilitate communication throughout the organization by translating both written and spoken material and ensuring that meaning and context are maintained.

Teacher for Pacific Coast Christian Academy (Spanish)

This teaching position is expected to lead a multi-age classroom of staff children, teaching and guiding them through the academic requirements as outlined in the provided standards and curriculum.

Social Worker

Develop and direct social work best practices using the 5-Point Child Development Plan, Child Status Index, and other evidence-based tools in order to create and implement holistic care initiatives that provide support for and meet the identified needs of children, teenagers, and families.


Provide emotional support and follow-up to the students (and indirectly, families) that are a part of the Hope Program.

Social Worker

Connect families, children and Back2Back staff with resources to help them understand ways they can grow and develop spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally and socially.


Utilize best practices in psychology to provide depth of care to orphaned and vulnerable children that meet emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Site Child Development Coordinator

The Site Child Development Coordinator will work to develop their Back2Back Ministries site in awareness, knowledge and practical application of trauma-informed best practice.  

Ministry Area Captain

Coordinator of the mission teams, construction, and development of children in the children’s homes Back2Back serves.

Family Psychologist

Provide emotional support for these groups of people in order to help them develop the needed tools and skills to optimally overcome everyday situations that could arise. 

Children’s Home Project Manager

Plan and implement construction and repair projects at the Children's Home that Back2Back works with.

Doce Piedras (12 Stones) Programs Developer

To develop effective, quality programs to meet the individual needs of each child in all five areas of development in a manner that stewards resources well and follows Back2Back DNA.

Youth Care Coordinator

Utilize the 5-Point Child Development Plan, Trauma Competent Care Principles, and Social Work Modalities to create a safe space where students can use their voice, process their feelings, and learn skills that will empower them towards dependence on Jesus, interdependence in community, and economic independence and sustainability.

Family Care Coordinator

The Family Care Coordinator offers holistic, trauma competent, relational care for families to keep families united and growing together toward dependence on Jesus, interdependence in community, and economic independence and sustainability.

Instructional Designer

Design, develop, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of relevant training through the Back2Back Learn system in order to equip the global team to fulfill the mission and vision with excellence.

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