• Katey Gonzales

    Staff Support

Katey Gonzales

Graphic Designer
US Office

Katey Gonzalez took her first trip with Back2Back in 7th grade, to Monterrey. It was there her passion for vulnerable children was born, and where she returned as staff in 2007. She served there for four years, during which time she met and married her husband, Rene in 2008, and together they started their family in 2011. After four years in Monterrey, Katey and her family returned to Cincinnati, where she joined the U.S. Corporate office as a graphic designer for the Marketing team. In 2013, they welcomed their second child and their heart for the orphaned child remained. In 2018, Katey and Rene became licensed foster parents and have since provided safe space for six different children, one of whom has been with them for two years now. Katey feels privileged to use her gifts to serve the orphaned child.

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