Family Psychologist – Monterrey

Position: Psychologist for Hope Program Students, House Parents, and Biological Families of the Hope Program Students.

Position Description: Provide emotional support for these groups of people in order to help them develop the needed tools and skills to optimally overcome everyday situations that could arise.

This area is closely related to the social work area and the Hope Program Director. It also interacts with trainers on a continual basis and frequently with the biological families of the students in the institution. For legal purposes, this position works hand in hand with corresponding government (DIF) personnel and attend training sessions with psychologists from other homes.

The position has the responsibility to execute the programs and legal commitments within the Hope Program Strategic Plan, which includes the selection process of the families and students that will participate in the implementation of the program and its supervision.

Primary Relationship: Hope Program Director 


  • Evaluate with the technical team the families and youth who request entry to the program
  • Apply psychological assessments to students who apply for admission to the Program.
  • Review tests results with the Hope Program Technical Team
  • Follow up with the DIF regarding the files of students who were approved to enter the Hope Program
  • Make a psychosocial report of families of the Hope Program students together with the Hope Program Technical Team
  • Support the process of entry and placement of the student in the Hope Program
  • Open and keep updated a psychological file of each student in the Hope Program utilizing the Child Status Index system (CSI)
  • Periodically visit (weekly and on an as-needed basis) the Hope Program families in order to accompany them and give them the needed support in the different processes of welcoming, changes, mourning and others. Always documenting processes, progress, changes and agreements.
  • Plan and execute training sessions together with the Hope Program Technical Team and refine based on feedback received.
  • Develop evaluations of the student’s development on a monthly basis.
  • Create a final evaluation with the Hope Program Technical Team of the student and their family upon departure from the program.
  • Develop update reports of the Hope Program families and students to the team and to the general coordination of the Hope Program in Back2Back Monterey.
  • Attend periodic DIF meetings with the Technical Team.
  • Attend staff meetings, trainings and Back2Back Orientation

Specific Objectives:

  • Attend trainings and updates on topics related to Family Therapy
  • Attend Technical Team Meetings to give feedback and refine action plans by case and family
  • Provide the required information to give feedback to the Hope Program Director on the family status of each student
  • Continue to improve and refine processes.

House Parents:

  • Recruit House Parents with the profile suitable for the functions required within the Hope Program
  • Provide emotional support to house parents to help them develop the tools and skills needed to strengthen their relationship and marriage dynamics in a way that will proactively impact family dynamics within their role as house parents.
  • Apply psychological assessments to families applying for admission to the Program
  • Plan annual objectives aimed at fulfilling the psychological care of the House Parents at personal level and for their biological family
  • Provide counseling support to marriages in the Hope Program in order to give fluidity and support to their work and ministry efficiency.
  • Program bi-weekly marriage therapy sessions where the marriage has a space to be taken care of as a family and as a marriage
  • Suggest, provide and monitor support material that supports marriage to acquire effective tools for problem solving and family dynamics
  • As required, provide psychological attention to the house parent’s biological children in order to support their function proactively.

Biological Families:

  • Provide emotional support to the students’ biological families to help them develop the needed tools and skills to strengthen their relationship and family dynamics in a way that will proactively impact the students to foster a stable and healthy relationship between them or to promote family reintegration
    • Conduct initial contact interview to learn the psychosocial context of each family
    • According to the obtained information, implement a family intervention strategy plan and provide personal therapy if required.
  • Create a visit report with photographic evidence and psychological feedback survey
  • Implement strategies of psychological intervention directed to the students’ biological family
    • Weekly therapy sessions that match the needs and arrangement of each case.
    • Implementation of a Family Restoration Program with biweekly talks aimed at parents.
  • Follow up and continue the family intervention plan
  • Keep a record of Psychological advances of each person receiving counseling through an updated file.
  • Make a record with psychological content data and psychometric tests that provide a better knowledge of the context and family dynamics of the student and his family

Required Abilities:

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Understanding and practice with theories of trauma and attachment
  • Proficient in Trust Based Relationship Intervention methods
  • Management of interviews
  • Ability to perform psychological evaluations
  • Management of records
  • Individual, marital and family therapies
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • High communication skills
  • Good attitude and teamwork
  • Open to respecting people on different social, religious and cultural conditions
  • Flexible schedule, 45 hours per week
  • Work with friends and family to create ministry partners and sustain ministry partnership development.
  • Ability to relocate to Back2Back site in Monterrey, Mexico


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • 2 years of clinical experience with teenagers and adults
  • Implementation of workshops aimed at adolescents, families and marriages

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