• Dan Shuman

    Staff Support

Dan Shuman

Health Services Director
Family Physician
US Office

Dan and his wife, Meredith, both grew up learning about God’s heart for the world and along with their families, churches, and schools they were heavily invested in missions activities and outreach. Along with their 5 children, they made numerous short term trips with Back2Back and in 2017 began service as full-time staff in Mazatlan. Dan served as the Medical Coordinator/Family Physician and Meredith, as the Training Team lead and host/debriefer for visiting teams.

In January of 2021, Dan and his family left Mazatlan to return to the mountains of Colorado. Dan assumed the role of Health Services Director, serving and supporting all Back2Back sites in the area of physical development and healthcare. Dan is grateful to have the opportunity to help each site develop quality health service plans and provide direct care to children and families through tele-med and travel to the sites.

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