Impact of COVID-19 on Back2Back

I am amazed how the Back2Back staff is responding to the ever changing needs in light of COVID-19. I am so impressed with the flexibility and ingenuity of our staff around the world, and I’m proud to serve alongside each and every one of them.

We are grateful for how this difficult time has strengthened our communication, grown our empathy, and challenged us to pray more and press on. 

Some of the ways we have had to adapt in crisis have had financial implications, including cancelling our summer mission teams and implementing “relief” efforts. We are adjusting to these new financial constraints and adapting to new budgets by reallocating funds and reducing some services.

But we can’t lose sight of our mission.  Back2Back is not a relief organization. We are a development organization.We look forward to the day when children are able to meet with their psychologists and process their feelings, meet with their mentor, receive in-person tutoring weekly, and gather together to worship and share a meal.

As we continue to globally shelter in place, Back2Back wants to acknowledge this is not a “new normal.” It isn’t “normal” at all. We are designed to live in community, and we’re grateful to count you part of ours.

Would you come alongside us as we prepare for that day? After reducing our budgets by over $600,000, Back2Back still has a $200,000 deficit. When relief efforts are no longer needed, you can help Back2Back be prepared to return to development-focused programs.

Thank you.

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