Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Clarifying Their Own Emotions

The older boys on campus have had outbursts of anger recently, and Back2Back staff felt a desire to spend more time helping the young men recognize their emotions and understand what’s truly causing them. “When the staff came to me for any suggestions, I mentioned the movie Inside Out,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Stateside… Read more

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When We Say Yes

A new partnership has blossomed in Nigeria with a local children’s home. Staff have been working with the home for about a year, and Blessing, the captain of the home and Back2Back staff, is seeing vast improvements among the seven children who call the space home. “Blessing has a lot of experience working with children… Read more

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Making the Impossible Possible

Luke5Adventures was born from a conversation that never happened. Kevin Schwieger, founder of the organization, discovered a new hiking trail and couldn’t wait to tell others about it. The first person he came across was a long-time friend who had spent the last 20 years of her life in a wheelchair. “I ended up not… Read more

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Spreading Hope Through Graduation

The joy in the room was evident and loud. The ten graduates smiled as they received praise and honored their own achievements with those who know and love them the most.  Recently, ten Hope Education Program students graduated from high school! For Hope Program students around the world, many receive diplomas and accolades as the… Read more

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Loved Just as You Are

Martina* was born with the odds stacked against her. At just two days old, she was placed in a government children’s home by her mother who was unable to properly care for her. Around the same time, the Vega Hernández family, a couple married for 22 years, felt called to become a foster family, specifically… Read more

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Growing from Hurts, Understanding They’re Known & Loved

Back2Back India stateside Director, Julie Mowery, recently visited India to connect with staff, children, and families. While she was there, she spent time with teaching staff at the Living Tree High School on campus, offered training for Strong Families in the city, and spent intentional time with campus children and Hope Education Program students. While… Read more

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Expressing Themselves Through Art

The room was loud. The adolescent girls’ voices clanged against walls as they moved around, bickered with each other, and tried to find a rhythm. “Everyone is so dysregulated,” thought Emma Martinez, Back2Back staff. She got a stack of paper and the tub of markers out and placed them in the middle of a table…. Read more

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Sweeter in Community

You can do it! You are brave. We are here with you. You can do hard things. The chorus of encouragement rang through the room at Urban Air. Children and teens part of Back2Back Cincinnati communities of belonging were on a field trip, and one young man stood on the edge of the zipline ledge,… Read more

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He Doesn’t Leave Anyone Behind

Seven years ago, the first group of vulnerable children arrived at a partnering home in Monterrey, Mexico. Among those children was a five-year old girl assigned to her sixth children’s home placement. Camila* was filled with fear. She’d been left with her ailing father before transitioning to a Back2Back-partnering home. “She was so tiny when… Read more

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