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Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world.

Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world. Each month, the generous giving allows children, teens, and families to receive access to food, educational opportunities, new experiences, therapies, and Biblical principles. The holistic care for every child allows them to break cycles of poverty and trauma and equips them to succeed as they forge new paths.

Recently, a partnering children’s home in Monterrey, Mexico celebrated the many ways sponsorship allows every child to feel known and loved and allows them to better understand their own potential.

Birthday parties are a key way children are celebrated through sponsorship. A birthday party is a unique way for staff and sponsors to remind each child their hopes and desires are not only seen, but will be pursued. It is a reminder that they are acutely known just for who they are and are seen, whether they realize it or not. Recently, five birthday boys were celebrated at the home! They each had their own special party, personalized with their favorite cake, sparkler candles, confetti poppers, and streamers. Each birthday boy received a gift bag filled with surprises like clothes, shoes, games, and activities.

Another way sponsorship provides holistic care to vulnerable populations is through meeting physical needs. As children grow and their clothing and shoe sizes change, sponsorship funds are allocated to meet their needs – whether it’s new pants or a pair of glasses and the doctor’s visit to get them. Each child knows when they need something new, they need only ask and it will be provided. Part of their growth is strongly attributed to the healthy foods the home provides for them. “We have enjoyed a lot of fresh fruits and veggies this summer,” shared Jordan McNulty Cobos, Back2Back staff. “We’ve had mango, watermelon, and frozen grapes to help beat the heat! We’ve also enjoyed special foods like steak tacos, guacamole, and pico de gallo together.” Support allows these foods to be grown on the same grounds the children call home and allows them to take part in growing foods they can enjoy.

This summer allowed a special experience for the boys and staff team at the home. An elote truck came to the home and served personalized cups of hot corn smothered in cheese and salsa – it is a favorite snack in Mexico! They gathered around picnic tables and enjoyed the special treat together. While the experience was the highlight, it is also a time for staff and children to slow down and connect, and sponsorship allows these moments to happen.

Together, staff and the children they serve are daily reminded they are known and loved and they work diligently every day to break cycles, set new goals and boundaries, and realize clearly just what they have to offer the world. When children accomplish goals and meet educational milestones, staff gather for graduation parties. Staff at the home were able to host two different graduation celebrations for the boys they serve – one for the young men who graduated onto the next grade at the end of the 2022-2023 school year and one very special one for four young men who completed their high school careers through the Hope Education Program. 

While serving at children’s homes and working closely with children from hard places isn’t always easy, it is always worth it. From shared meals to big celebrations, staff are ensuring each child in their care receives what they need to tackle the big and small challenges before them. It is work that cannot be done without faithful sponsors and safe adults around the world who choose to invest their time, finances, and hearts into bringing care for today and hope for every tomorrow.


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