Choosing to Engage

Samson shared his pride and joy over the teens’ choices to positively interact with others in a tense situation.

The line kept getting longer. Two young men had been standing for what felt like hours. The air was thick with anticipation, heat, and impatience. They were doing their best to wait through the chaos of the voting center; it was their first opportunity to vote, and they didn’t want to miss the chance to use their voices for such an important moment in history.

Calvary Hope House, led by Samson and Priscilla, is home to eight teen boys. Two of the young men are over 18 and wanted to take part in their first national election. “This year’s election was particularly chaotic,” shared Meredith Messer, Back2Back staff. “Voting centers are known to be disorganized, and the boys returned home very late after waiting all day.” When they returned home, Samson, their Hope dad, debriefed with them and asked for honest feedback about the day.  

“How did it go?” he asked the young men.

“It was such a long line and wait,” they complained. “And it was so unbelievably hot! The crowds were intense and we lost count of how many times we were pushed in line by others waiting. We were so frustrated we wanted to scream, but then we realized if we felt this way, everyone else in the line was likely feeling the same.”

Their solution in the moment was to, everytime they were pushed, engage with the person who nudged them, welcome them to the line, and express how happy they were to see so many people coming using their voices by voting. Samson shared his pride and joy over the teens’ choices to positively interact with others in a tense situation. 

“They were there alone, not with us or other adults they know, and they still considered the moment and did the right thing,” shared Samson. “This is how I know these young men are paying attention, absorbing what happens around them, and have a desire to breathe intentional energy back into the world.”


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