Prepared to Pay it Forward

Child sponsorship is an integral way Back2Back helps facilitate safe, lasting relationships for children and adults from around the world. The financial support it provides allows holistic care for each child, and the emotional investment made has eternal impact.

One young man came to live at a Back2Back partnering children’s home in 2013 when he was nine-years old. As he adjusted to his new living environment, he connected with a visiting mission guest and a sponsorship was born between Joseph* and Matt.

“Over the years, I have grown closer and closer with Matt,” shared Joseph. “His letters have been a source of comfort and inspiration to me, and I truly feel I have a lifelong friend in my sponsor.”

Matt regularly encourages Joseph to read his Bible and study diligently; Matt always emphasizes the importance of education to his young friend, and Joseph takes this advice to heart. They met when Joseph was nine and today, at 20, he is studying criminology at the university level. He attributes much of his drive to succeed to his faithful sponsor.

As Joseph navigates university work and life, he remains in touch with his sponsor, trusting that no matter where he ends up or what life brings him, he will always have Matt firmly in his corner. “I would not be where I am today without Matt’s support and encouragement, and I am thankful for such a kind-hearted sponsor,” he recently shared. “My prayer is to one day pay it forward and help someone else in need the way Matt has helped me all these years.”

Sponsorship is life-changing – both for the child and the sponsor, and creates a significant bond, allowing vulnerable populations to see there are people around the world who want to see them succeed. Back2Back couldn’t do this important work without global sponsors just like Matt who choose to give time, energy, and resources where it’s needed most. Together, staff, sponsors, advocates, and donors are stepping into difficult stories and choosing to stay, and it has made all the difference.