Growing in Depth & Breadth

Back2Back’s Dominican Republic site is unique from the sites who came before it.  While partnerships with local non-profits are being established, the vision is to impact more children and families by scaling through others, to grow in breadth. Through Trauma Competent Care training, the D.R. staff team equips others in the D.R. on how to care holistically for vulnerable populations and how to create spaces of safety, trust, and healing.

Recently, four foster care team staff members from Back2Back Monterrey’s site visited the D.R. They, along with the local team and another local non-profit, led five days of training for a group of local judges, magistrates, and social workers that work for the government.

“This was the first time we’ve been able to hold and help lead this kind of event,” shared Hope Garcia, Back2Back D.R. Co-Director. “They were very receptive to the information, and when we led the intro to Trauma Competent Care training, they asked a lot of questions.”

They also led a simulation activity called Vida in Limbo that allows participants to put themselves in the shoes of bio parents, children, and caregivers. It was an opportunity to allow the decision makers a chance to step into the shoes of those they make decisions on behalf of and it provokes a lot of empathy. The feedback was positive, and staff are encouraged that those in positions of power who are deciding where children will be best cared for are open to new strategies and opportunities of care.
In addition to these trainings, the visiting Monterrey staff worked alongside government social workers by doing field visits with them, helping write reports, and the best avenues to take when decisions need to be made. It was a week full of connection and relationship building, and it allowed space for empathy to grow and understanding to deepen. One training, conversation, and connection at a time, Back2Back is growing in depth and breadth.