Beating the Odds

The National Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in the capital city of Nigeria. The stadium serves as home to the Nigerian National Football team, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events.

Recently, a partnering children’s home went on an excursion to the capital city, and they got to visit the stadium.  The children and teen’s eyes were wide the entire time they toured the stadium. One young man was especially moved to stand in such a famous place.

“I never thought I’d have the chance to leave Jos, and now I am standing where our president would sit to watch a game,” his bright eyes were animated as he shared with Back2Back staff. “I can’t even explain how I feel right now!”

The young adults and staff saw the entire facility, including the locker rooms and the special seating. As they sat in the locker room, taking in the seats where famous athletes rest before and after matches, the young man spoke up again.

“I never thought I’d even enter the changing room of all the stars who play here,” he whispered in awe. “I’ll be a star, too, someday. I will not limit myself.”

This is the power of sponsorship and core memories being created for children and teens around the world. Their dreams for their futures are emboldened and broadened, they realize there is no limit to what they can dream and accomplish for themselves. They understand the athletes, speakers, writers, and performers they have come to admire might have stories just like their own, and they still beat the odds. Together, staff, sponsors, advocates, and teens are all working toward breaking barriers, cycles, and statistics. This is victory.