New Paths of Self-Discovery

As Back2Back continues to grow in depth and breadth of their care for vulnerable populations in India, there are cultural expectations to consider as the best, most holistic approach is provided. One of the key lessons staff understand is that, if the children served in-country want the best opportunities for jobs after studying in university or within a trade school, conversational English is imperative. This information allows staff to lead students well and help them make decisions that will further impact their future success.

Seven children within the Strong Families Program recently transitioned from a Telugu Medium (where only Telugu is taught as a language) to an English Medium school (where Telugu and English are taught and spoken). When the children first made the switch, they struggled to adapt and had difficulty juggling two languages. With the addition of an English tutor during their after school time and their dedication, the children are now keeping up, growing in their speaking abilities, and are happy to be learning something new.

When other families in the neighborhood saw confidence boosts in the children attending the English medium school, a few parents pulled their children from the government school (where only Telugu is taught and spoken) and placed them in the English medium school. Together, staff, tutors, and families are better understanding what their children need to break cycles and reach new goals. 

This is the power of well-trained staff, dedicated tutors, and parents who are open to new options – access allows vulnerable children to set fresh goals and reach new heights in their academic endeavors.