Honored to Offer Love

The Cortez Garcia family had their hands full. They met their foster daughter as a 40-day-old baby. She grew into an active child who enjoys going to shopping malls, attending church, and experiencing new places. They have built strong relationships with other foster families and have found the connections help them love the little girl through tantrums, accidents, and small victories typical of a two-year old. They were feeling the bonds of being a family of three when they received a call from the Attorney General’s Office.

“They had been given a two-year old boy who was in crisis,” the family shared. “Because of the circumstances with which they received him, they knew institutionalized care would not be best for his development and instead wished to place him with a foster family; this is where we came in.”

The couple kept busy with their baby girl, but welcomed the little boy with open hearts and arms. They provided care with affection and understanding, just as they had their daughter, and the children became fast playmates and partners in crime. The stoic little boy slowly engaged with his caregivers and “sister,” smiling more, growing in strength and confidence, and open to receiving love and care.

“We could see when he first moved in with us that he hadn’t been treated with love and affection, and he struggled to truly rest initially at night,” the father explained. Together, the husband, wife, and their daughter offered him time, care, and consistency for three months. He was recently placed with an adoptive family. While it was a joyous occasion for the young boy, his foster family knew his absence would be felt and mourned. Today, their daughter still asks about her former playmate, keeping toys just for him, and her parents pray for his growth and life daily.

“We miss him everyday, but we are grateful to have prevented him from being in institutionalized care, and that he has found a permanent home and family,” they shared. “We are honored to have offered him love, care, and security for the time we did.”

Please join Back2Back in prayer over all the foster families and the love and dedication they offer to children from hard places. Together, staff and foster families love and protect children who are growing into adolescents who better understand each day what it means to be known and loved.