To Keep Pressing Forward

Aiden* is a young man with a vision. He wants better for himself than what he had growing up, and he wants to provide more for his family, too. He worked on completing his secondary education studies in the midst of the pandemic, but missed the in-person practice of serving patients, as the pandemic prevented him being in the hospitals. However, Aiden did not allow this to deter his drive.

“I’ve been motivated by the living circumstances my family experienced my whole life,” he recently shared. “I want to improve myself in order to have something better and to support my family in the ways they deserve.”

Aiden works part time to help supplement his educational costs alongside his father in the construction field, and has not allowed global pandemics and delayed work within his desired field of nursing to prevent him reaching his ultimate goal. He currently has the highest average in his school, continues to work part-time with his father, helps his mother as much as he can, and attends classes at the community center to continue growing and learning, with the support of his mentors.

Back2Back staff are impressed with Aiden’s drive and all the ways he doesn’t allow uncontrollable circumstances to stop him from pressing forward. Please join staff in prayer over Aiden’s educational goals, that he would grow to be exactly who he hopes to be and who he was made to be. The staff team, and his family, look forward to the day they will be able to celebrate Aiden’s Bachelor of Nursing degree!