Seeing the Changes He Needs to Make

Santosh Kumar, Back2Back staff, is an incredible advocate for Strong Families in the city as he connects them to the appropriate resources to meet their needs. He recently went with a father and his children to a nearby dental clinic so the family would know how to get there for future visits; he also wanted to reinforce their access to medical care. 

While his children were being seen by the dentist, the father noticed photos of oral cancer on the wall. He had recently stopped consuming alcohol, but was having a lot of trouble quitting smoking. As he stood somberly looking at the photos, Santosh stood beside him and asked what he was thinking about. 

“These photos make me realize I need to stop smoking for my family,” he said quietly. “I need to stop and never pick another one back up.”

After they left the dentist office that day, the father threw out his remaining cigarettes and hasn’t bought anymore. This is the power of access and advocacy – children and adults alike see the changes they need to make and trust they have the ability and power to do it, and they know they have the support they need.