Pure Delight in Their Faces

Birthday celebrations are an integral part to the holistic care Back2Back staff offer to vulnerable children around the world. It is a day designated to communicate to one special child, you are seen, you have value, you are worthy of celebration. For many children around the world, before coming into Back2Back’s care, birthday celebrations might not have been a part of their stories.

David Cobos Ochoa, Back2Back staff and captain at a partnering children’s home, takes this into great consideration as he prepares celebrations for every child at the home. “It is always our goal to make sure they know they can ask for what they want and openly express their wishes to our staff team,” he explained. It is why, when a birthday is approaching, he doesn’t just plan something on his own, he involves the birthday girl or boy in every decision.

Most celebrations are held at the home, with the child’s favorite foods, treats, and gifts, but sometimes they ask to go somewhere special for their day. Recently, David and his wife, Jordan, took a group of girls to the local mall to spend their birthday money. 

“They got dressed up and each did their hair,” shared David and Jordan. “It was a very special day for them, and they took their time at the mall, carefully selecting their gifts with the birthday money provided from their sponsors. Afterwards, we all got ice cream and you could see the pure delight in their faces.”

Back2Back staff want to ensure every boy and girl, no matter their age, understands just how important they are and that their voices are not only wanted, but needed. Together, with advocates, sponsors, and faithful prayer, children at partnering homes all around the world realize more each day their own value and better understand they are so easy to love and celebrate.