Discovering Her Voice

When Back2Back staff first met Agnes*, they could see the remnants of the trauma she experienced in her eyes, demeanor, and lack of confidence. “I met Agnes about a year ago, when the partnering children’s home she is at first opened,” explained Blessing, Back2Back staff and caregiver. “She was incredibly shy, painfully almost, had very little confidence in her abilities, and she was an emotional little girl.” Staff knew Agnes did not have much of a social circle and was coming from a very hard situation; they were patient, willing to listen, and hopeful for what Agnes would come to learn and develop into with intentional care and increasing felt-safety. 

Over a year has passed and Agnes, now 11-years old, is blossoming. In Connection Groups she is learning about her own emotions and how to regulate them, and she has discovered her voice and uses it with intelligence and kindness. When she returns from school each day, she shares about her friends and what she’s learning, and recently she was the lead dancer in a school play!

“I’ve watched Agnes go from a frightened, shut down child to a young woman flourishing as shame leaves her body and story,” shared Blessing. “I cannot wait to see what more she will accomplish and who she will become. She will leave her mark and influence the world around her, of this I’m sure.”

Please join Back2Back in prayer over Agnes, and so many children with similar stories, as they receive consistent, holistic care from safe adults. Pray they would, each day, better understand their worth and the important place they hold in God’s story.