Family Reunification: A Gift

Back2Back knows that when it is best for the children served, the safest, most healthy place for them to be is with their biological family. This isn’t always possible, for a myriad of reasons, but when it is, staff work diligently alongside the bio family to ensure successful reintegration. Recently, five children were fully reintegrated back into their families. 

“Since the children have gone back with their families full-time, we are seeing significant improvement in behavior and overall attitude in each of them,” explained Elizabeth, Back2Back staff member. Elizabeth and Ajik regularly does home visits with the children and their families to assess their overall progress and to assist in anything they might need in order to grow together.

Shortly after the children moved back to their homes, Elizabeth did an initial visit and assessment to see how they felt being back home versus in a partnering children’s home. “Their assessments all read very similarly,” shared Elizabeth. “While none of them actually had bad things to say about the partnering homes, they all mentioned loving being in their homes because it was just them and their families. They see this reunification with their families for what it truly is – a gift.”

Parent meetings are held regularly by staff to ensure parents have safe space to ask questions, ask for help, and grow in community together. They are reporting to staff their children are growing in maturity, stepping up for their families, and helping around the homes. The meetings are also a space where they can share celebrations with one another – a father recently expressed his initial fear at affording school fees for his children now that they were back home. Back2Back staff were quick to remind him they were there to help, and a smile took over face. “I feel so relieved. Thank you,” he replied joyfully.

Family, whether biological or otherwise, is key to the growth each child should experience in Back2Back’s care. Together, bio parents are stepping into renewed parenting roles with peace in their hearts and assistance at their sides when they need it. This is the power of investing in both vulnerable children and the adults who gave them life  – reunification is made possible and families are truly reunited and prepared to grow together.