Altering Their Perception

2 children and a woman playing in the street

Ene Oklo, Back2Back staff, overheard some of the younger children at a partnering children’s home recently.

“I’ve never had strawberries before, have you?” One child asked the group.

“No, but I always wonder what they would taste like!” A few of them exclaimed in response.

The area where the children live in Nigeria is known for its agriculture and an abundance of fruit, but strawberries are often very expensive and typically thought of as a rich person’s food.

“I listened to them chatter about strawberries for a while and then realized it was silly that they live in a place where it’s available, but have never tried it,” explained Ene. “I wanted to change that for them and help them see strawberries are not just for people with an excess of money!”

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, and Ene knew exactly how she wanted to surprise and treat the children. She bought a bulk of strawberries, along with other fruits not often on the regular menu at the home. She made a large sign welcoming the children home from school that day, making sure to tell each child how loved and seen they were, then presented each of them with a plate of fruit and a hug.

“We are blessed with sponsors from all around the world who give generously and allow new experiences to the children through their faithful giving,” shared Ene. “This is a huge blessing and we are so grateful for the many new experiences and opportunities they allow the children to have.”