Working on Her Independence

In January, 2022, a remodeling project was underway at the former Hope Home, Casa Caleb, in Mexico. It was being updated to house incoming Transition Program students so they could learn the value and responsibilities of living on their own and managing their own time, finances, and work loads. Later in the year, Kleo*, a young woman Back2Back serves, moved into the Transition Program and into the newly updated home in May as the first young adult in the new program.

Magda Castilla, Transition Program Coordinator, oversees the girls who live in this particular Transition home and helped Kleo early on to establish a plan with short, medium, and long-term goals for herself.

“One of the goals Kleo set for herself was to study at a secondary school and find a part time job,” explained Magda. Kleo reached both of those goals and in just two months, will complete secondary schooling and enter high school to continue her studies.

“Kleo has worked hard to make sure her schedule and activities are stable and consistent; she has maintained a job at a local smoothie shop and shows great growth,” shared Magda.

A few of her other goals were to better budget her finances, cover  transportation expenses and personal hygiene items, and also purchase food for her home. Spiritually, Kleo finds it difficult to engage in relationship with God, but even so attends and participates in youth meetings at her home with other students. Staff and her peers are always available to Kleo to answer her spiritual questions and are encouraged to see her show up, even as she doubts and fights the temptations every young adult faces. 

Magda has become both a mentor and friend to Kleo. They talk daily about her job, her finances, and her ongoing and growing goals. Often, the two cook together, increasing her abilities to care for herself; Magda accompanies her to the grocery store, helping her budget and find the best bargains for every dollar she spends.

“Kleo has reached every goal she set when she moved in almost a year ago,” shared Magda. “This month we will begin a new plan and set out to accomplish fresh goals for her.”

Back2Back is excited for the ways Kleo has grown and learned. We look forward to cheering her on and helping her gain full independence as she works every day toward this ultimate goal. Please join us in prayer for her safety, her abilities, and her relationship with God – that she would come to understand just how precious and loved she is – by the safe adults in her life and, especially, by Jesus.