Gaining Concentration, One Cube at a Time

A group of young boys holding up rubiks cubes

As the Strong Families Program in India grows, staff take notice when children are struggling in specific areas. Recently, a group of young men who attend the community center were struggling to remain focused during their study time. Staff wanted to respond lovingly and with a solution to help the boys focus and succeed in, and out, of the classroom.

So, they bought rubix cubes.

“The young men were each given a rubix cube to use as a focusing tool when they felt themselves getting distracted,” explained Sampth Burla, Back2Back staff.

They began to use the cubes as a sensory tool; when they feel unfocused or can’t quite concentrate to the level they should, they pull out their cubes and try to solve each side. It has become a tool to help them calm down and prepare their minds to learn.

“A few of them recently solved one of the sides of the cube and were elated!” shared Sampath. 

The boys continue to work on their cubes and concentration during study and tutoring time is at an all time high. We celebrate this as a victory.