Learning Outside the Classroom

For many students in America, field trips are a regular part of the school experience, and for 15 students in Mexico, it was a new experience recently! The students, along with staff, visited a local tostado factory called Tostaditas Blancas. They learned the history of the factory and its owner. He shared his own story about buying a tortilleria in bankruptcy and working hard everyday until he could afford to buy a factory.  It is now a very large company who employs many and distributes products all over Mexico.

While there, the students learned the different areas of the production line where employees work and about maintenance of the site. They even got to visit the interior and observe the production area, how tostadas are baked, cut, bagged, packed, and distributed, and how areas are kept clean and up to health regulations and codes.

This field trip provided the students with real world experiences and an opportunity to learn more about the world around them, outside of their classroom walls. Faithful partnership, prayer, and advocacy allows students to experience trips just like this and learn more about their home country and the food they often enjoy.