To Understand the Joy of Giving

The late Karyn Purvis has said of relationships and healing that “if we can communicate to our children, ‘it is you and me against your history,’ we have a strong place to begin.” Children and staff at a partnering children’s home in Monterrey are seeing the reality of this statement in real time, as the home is experiencing a theme of celebration. 

“We are celebrating big right now at the home, because every child we care for is sponsored!” shared Christina Hamilton, Back2Back staff. “We know distinctly that relational trauma is healed through relationships, and we are so grateful to people around the world who choose to invest in children’s lives.”

Another reason staff and children are jubilant is because of the strong volunteer presence at the home. “Our local volunteers are some of the most consistent and safe adults in the lives of the children,” shared Christina. Every Christmas, the children at the home receive from the outpouring generosity of others through gifts, and while they are always excited about this, what they often look forward to most is the giving.

“The children we serve are the recipients of so much – love, gifts, intentional relationship – and we are so grateful for those who give generously, but we also want to make sure they understand and experience the joy and value of giving,” explained Christina.

To illustrate this joy of giving, staff plan a Christmas party every year, and the children get an opportunity to purchase gifts for their local volunteer. Everyone fills out an “all about me” page where they list their favorite color, hobbies, pets, and additional information. The children take those papers with them on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart with a budget and gift-buying plan!

The children were elated to shop for their local volunteers and really threw themselves into it. Each child thought intentionally about their purchases and how they would use their money wisely to get those most they could for their volunteer.

Together, staff, children, and volunteers will celebrate in-person at the home’s Christmas party, and the children will experience just how fun it is to give to others. Lessons and moments like this wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of sponsors and advocates around the world reminding vulnerable populations they are known and loved.