Spreading Hope Through Graduation

The joy in the room was evident and loud. The ten graduates smiled as they received praise and honored their own achievements with those who know and love them the most. 

Recently, ten Hope Education Program students graduated from high school! For Hope Program students around the world, many receive diplomas and accolades as the first in their families to do so. It is a milestone both emotional and wonderful. Each of the ten graduates received recognition awards from their schools for good behavior and athletic accomplishments. 

Graduation celebrations are always special, but this gathering was especially memorable because, for the first time in Nigeria, each of the four Hope Homes were represented in the graduation ceremony!

The students celebrated with their peers, Hope and biological families, and friends. Together, the safe adults in every teen’s life gathered to remind them their work and dedication is not only recognized, but wholly worthy of honoring.

Please join Back2Back in prayer over each student as they look to their futures and plan their next steps. Pray they rely on God and trust the plans He has for them.