Growing from Hurts, Understanding They’re Known & Loved

Back2Back India stateside Director, Julie Mowery, recently visited India to connect with staff, children, and families. While she was there, she spent time with teaching staff at the Living Tree High School on campus, offered training for Strong Families in the city, and spent intentional time with campus children and Hope Education Program students.

While she was there, one of the outings was providing eye exams to every child on campus. This is a key part of the physical care provided to children around the world – they aren’t just provided with warm beds and nutritious meals, they receive regular doctor check-ups, and their needs are immediately tended to. Following the check-ups, nine of the campus children received new glasses with updated prescriptions!

Another component of holistic care provided to children globally is helping them fully immerse in their cultures and learn new things. Three young ladies on the campus recently started receiving traditional Indian dance lessons from a teacher at the campus school. Their diligence and dedication to learning something new and inherent to their culture paid off when they performed a traditional dance, in traditional garb, at a school assembly.

These are just two examples of how children are daily reminded they are known and loved in India. Through consistent staff and a team effort of pursuing healing and restoration for every child, each boy and girl is able to grow from their hurts and understand their stories aren’t over yet.