Finding Solutions Together

For many of the vulnerable children within Back2Back’s care, their families are still around. In many cases, children are in partnering homes for various reasons – a lack of resources, of childcare, or of an environment where they can safely thrive. For the young men at one partnering children’s home in Monterrey, they not only have family nearby, but they maintain contact with them, as well. This allows the boys to remain connected to their roots while also pursuing hopes and dreams with holistic assistance and safe adults advocating on their behalf.

This connectedness to their families means the young men know what their families need and how to pray for them. Mexico is currently experiencing a severe drought and water shortage; water is only available to residents from 4am-10am, and in certain communities, the window is even smaller. The young men have felt concern for their families, who sometimes struggle obtaining basic resources, and the staff responded with a solution. They invested in large, plastic barrels for the families to collect water for use outside the allotted time frame. They also made a delivery of non-perishable foods, eggs, bread, and cleaning and hygiene supplies.

Staff presented this solution, and the boys immediately asked how they could help. Together, they packed the food and cleaning items into large bags and helped the staff load the barrels for delivery. This helped the boys serve their families and provided peace of mind knowing their families are cared for, just like they are.

Faithful prayer, advocacy, and sponsorship help afford food and supplies like what were delivered to the families. They also provide well-balanced meals for the boys at the home. Together, they tend a vegetable garden on the same property where they live, and they’re always excited to pick produce from their gardens and enjoy them in their meals.

Together, people from all around the world are joining staff as they provide fresh foods, educational solutions, and emotional and social care to vulnerable children and their families. It is with one meal, one delivery, and one moment of connection at a time that, together, we’re being the difference for one.