A Great Source of Joy

Claire*, Alan*, and Sophia* arrived at a Back2Back-run children’s home many years ago. The sibling trio grew up there, then joined two different Hope Program houses – Abigail and Bethel. They were unable to be with their biological parents due to lack of proper care, and when they arrived, each child needed consistent love and guidance to overcome past hurts.  

Alan arrived with very few social skills and a tendency to think of himself before others. His time in the Hope Home taught him how to live in a family environment, how to help others out, and how to prioritize school, even through his educational difficulties. He eventually took a job and impressed everyone by arriving on time consistently, taking responsibilities seriously, and budgeting his finances well. His time with consistent love and care has grown the young man socially and helped him become others focused. 

Sophia, the second of two girls in the sibling trio, had fear of interacting with others, trouble expressing herself, and didn’t always prioritize caring for herself. After spending time with faithful, loving adults, her self-confidence has grown, she uses her voice to say what she needs, and has personal care systems in place. She is on target to complete school and begin working soon.

Claire, the oldest, spent several years in a Hope Home where she developed social and life skills. Just two years ago, she transitioned to independent living; she attends high school, works in a hotel, and lives with two roommates. Her time in the Hope Program grew Claire’s responsibility, maturity, and budgeting both time and finances.  

Although the siblings were unable to live with their biological parents, they grew and flourished in their new home. In early 2022, staff learned of biological family in a nearby city. They reached out, wanting to connect the teens with family, and their two sisters who live in Culiacan were elated to reconnect with their siblings.  

“The children arrived with very little information from the government about their bio parents,” explained Kristen Hallahan, Back2Back staff. “We did extensive work finding the sisters and getting to know them. We’ve taken them for visits and they have weekly video calls to deepen these relationships.”

It has been a great source of joy for Claire, Alan, and Sophia to know they have family who cares about them. While Claire wants to continue independently living and working toward her own goals, Alan and Sophia are considering the possibility of reintegration. This is the power of faithful prayer, sponsorship, and advocacy – children with traumatic pasts find healing, and are sometimes reunited with loving, faithful biological family. Please join Back2Back in prayer for guidance and that each teen’s best interest remains at the forefront of any decisions to be made on their behalf.