Stronger Together

Strong Families Programming, which started in Cancun, is slowly moving and growing in other Back2Back campuses, globally. The goal of the program is multifaceted – to keep children where they truly belong – with biological family, and to instill a sense of community and growth in the parents through classes and training. Together, families are growing, breaking cycles one class and intentional conversation at a time.

Mazatlan recently launched its own Strong Families Program, and the families were treated to a “Couple’s Sunday” led by staff. “We want the focus to be encouraging commitment and solid relationships,” shared Matt Metzger, who leads the program.

On Father’s Day, eight families gathered together at 12 Stones Resource Center. The ladies were sent to a different area to shop for their partners. Allowing the moms to choose a gift themselves empowers them to use their voices and understand the potency of choice. There were various gift options, from razors to button down shirts, for the women to choose from for their husbands.

After the women shopped, a local couple dedicated to marriage ministry shared their testimony with the eight couples and introduced healthy relationship concepts while they enjoyed snacks and refreshments. Staff had pizza and activities for the children. Soccer, crafts, xbox, and table games occupied the children while their parents received care and intentional time together. As the local couple shared with the parents, and their children played elsewhere, a visiting mission team prepared fettuccine alfredo and salad to serve for their dinner. 

While this was just the first couples event, staff hope to hold monthly occasions for the couples, allowing them time with their partners, getting to know other couples in the program, and learning more about healthy relationships and maintaining them. The couples are also given time to anonymously submit questions or topics they would like to cover in the future. 

Please join Back2Back in prayer over the many Strong Families across the globe. Pray for connection, healing, and for each member of every family to realize we are stronger when we’re together.