New Experiences and Lessons for the Future

Five young adults, who have taken part in programming at the community centers most of their lives, are now close to completing their second semester at university! Each of the students is performing well in their higher educational journeys, and they’re receiving emotional and social support through weekly meetings with Juan Suarez, Back2Back staff. “It is really just a time for connection and mentoring,” shared Juan, who looks forward to the time every week.

Recently, as a way to expose the teens to new experiences, they went on a field trip with Juan to two different museums and to ride a large ferris wheel! None of the students had been to either museum or the ferris wheel, and it was more than just a fun day out. Juan used it as a teaching opportunity as well.

“Two of the students are studying tourism and were able to analyze staff and how they interacted with guests at each of the places they visited,” shared Juan. “Another student is studying architecture, and I encouraged them to take note of the buildings around us as we rode the ferris wheel.” The two other students are studying accounting and education.

Days like this are fruitful for both students and staff as connections are deepened and students get to enjoy time exploring the areas they grew up. They are reminded their dreams are supported and possible, and that no matter where they go, they have a cheering section behind them.