Growth and Transformation

Holistic care has long been at the forefront of how Back2Back and partnering homes provide unique guidance to vulnerable children and families. This means the entire child is cared for – not just nutritional foods and clothing, but their minds, their hearts, their belief systems, are all poured into and nurtured. 

At a Back2Back-partnering home in Monterrey, educational care is provided through a weekly high school prep course for four teens. “In Mexico, children must take and pass an entrance exam to get into high school,” shared David Cobos Ochoa, Back2Back staff. “We wanted them to be as prepared as possible, feeling secure when taking the test, so we hired tutors to meet with the children virtually each week.”

An initial obstacle to the plan was a lack of webcams for the computers – the children and teachers meet virtually to keep everyone safe and eliminate travel time for the tutors. Sponsorship money recently helped purchase webcams to make the classes easier, and they’ve already begun their classes – reviewing general basics in Spanish, Math, and Natural sciences. 

Physical and emotional care are being provided through ongoing music classes and physical education classes. Recently, a music room was constructed in honor of the Director’s family and his late son, who was a talented musician. Since the grand opening, the children have diligently learned how to play guitar and read music. This is a key way for the children to learn order and gain a new skill, while also working together with their peers.

Soccer is a popular sport in Mexico and one the children are passionate about. Staff recently started leading organized practices and holding matches at the home to help each child develop skills and also learn the importance of playing on a team.

Social care, while not as easily identifiable as physical and spiritual care, is just as important for the children served and recently, the social care provided for two young men catapulted them into blossoming careers. Staff understand university is not always the best option for every child they care for. This was the case for two young men who lived in the home most of their lives. While college may not be for everyone, staff’s ultimate goal is for each child to break patterns that will not lead to health and sustainable living. Whether it is university, technical training, or a full-time job, staff are determined to help every teen transition well into adulthood.

The director of the partnering home understood the two teens as they shared university wasn’t for them, but he wanted them to understand their value and that their goals still mattered. Using his own connections, he was able to help them get jobs at a local mechanic shop working on engines. In just the short time they’ve been there, they’ve been promoted, receiving more responsibilities and trusted with greater tasks! The teens share an apartment together close to their job and continue to be in contact with the staff and director at the home. 

Each of these instances is a small picture of the holistic care provided at Back2Back partnering homes, allowing growth and transformation in children from hard places. Advocacy, prayer, and sponsorship are the driving force behind these elements of achievement. Thank you for being part of providing care for today and hope for each tomorrow.