Preparing a New Way

The Back2Back Transitions Program is designed to provide life skills training and support for teens transitioning from one level of education to another, or from college to independent living. It is a key part of the holistic care provided to each child served as they pursue dependence on Jesus, interdependence in their communities, and independent and sustainable living.

In January, a former Hope house underwent remodeling as the future site for a Transitions Home for young women in the program. The young men who used to live there have moved forward and no longer need the space, so staff, led by Magda Castillo, saw it as an opportune space for a Transitions home.

Every two to three weeks, Back2Back staff gather for work days to prepare the home to be occupied this month. It will hold up to eight girls in the Transitions Program between 18-23 years old. Once remodeling is complete, two girls will immediately move in, and Magda will be overseeing their care and guiding them in this new season of their lives.

“Staff will be particular about who lives at the home,” explained Kristen Hallahan, Back2Back staff. “We want to ensure the girls who live in the home are very serious about independent living, as they will be equipped with tools to study, work, and accomplish goals in dependent, interdependent, and independent living Back2Back seeks to provide in every child and teen they serve.

Please join Back2Back in prayer over the home and all that will occur within its walls. Pray for each young woman as they enter the home, that they would reach their goals and come to know their full potential.