Discovering Their Giftings

The normally bright room has the curtains drawn, an overhead projector is running. Each teen sits in front of their own laptop, as they navigate learning a new computer program called Microsoft Word. 

In late January, Lucson Jeannot, Back2Back staff, kicked off a computer programming class for the Hope Education Program students. He saw early on a need to provide education within the program to develop computer skills. The teens meet every Saturday at the Back2Back campus to learn from a local computer teacher who instructs at several schools in the area. The class curriculum includes learning the basics of a Windows computer, as well as mastering Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access.

Each week, the students have homework and they take exams every few lessons. The small class size is allowing time for questions and extra one-on-one time with the instructor as it’s needed. The teens are willingly participating and performing well. One of the young men in the program hopes to become a computer engineer following high school, and is currently the top performer in the classroom!

“We view this as a huge opportunity to equip the teens with a skill they don’t learn at school or have access to at home,” shared Lucson. “We are hopeful it will help them drastically in their futures, as they grow up in a world increasingly equipped with more and more advanced technology.”

The course will be completed in May of this year, and there is hope that increased interest will allow another course to cover the IT side of computers. Please join Back2Back in celebration as teens discover their passions and giftings, and in prayer that more classes like this can be offered to the teens as they pursue their futures.