Connection at the Forefront

The sun was shining brightly at 12 Stones Resource Center as families gathered in small groups for different workshops. The newly installed soccer field held a physical education class where families moved their bodies together; in the kitchen, flour particles clung to countertops and hands as a family baked; outside, Adam Gellenbeck, Back2Back staff, led a woodworking workshop for a group of young women, and another staff member, Magda, led art therapy. There was a hum in the air all day – one of happiness and connection.

Staff from the 12 Stones Center, Pacific Christian Academy teachers, care coordinators, and Back2Back staff recently organized a family day for children and their biological families. In total, 22 children and 15 parents participated!

Gaby Nieto, Principal of Pacific Christian Academy, wanted the day to be about involvement, connection, and learning new things. “We wanted to gather everyone in a central location as a tool to bring connection to the forefront,” she shared. 

Staff led workshops all around the center – from gym class to planting flowers in pots. Together, the children and their parents learned new skills and better understood the value of sharing new moments.

While this was the first Family Day, it will not be the last. Staff look forward to providing different workshops and fostering moments that bring families together.