Understanding Their Worth and Value

“Okay, now smile on three – one, two, threeeee!” Back2Back staff clicked the camera as the family before them gave their best smiles.

Smiling for sponsorship photos is a scene played out annually across the Back2Back sites. For several families in Haiti, it is a first. Over the last year, informal programming was held to promote and jump start the Strong Families Program in a community near Back2Back’s Haiti campus. Staff have worked consistently with a local church, holding activities twice a month seeking relationship and creating connection within the community. The bigger goal was to see if any families would be interested in joining the Strong Families Program on an official basis.

“There was so much interest we had to strategically pick families who needed the most and would make the most impact in their own community,” shared Katie Scott, Back2Back staff. Once the families gave a verbal agreement, they signed contracts, took photos for sponsorship, and are now officially Strong Families. 

Currently, five families make up the program and they meet twice a week on campus for parenting classes, Nurture Group activities, and tutoring. Each member of the family benefits from these visits as parents learn to lead their families with trauma competency and children receive educational support while also seeing their parents become stronger and more independent.

The power of the Strong Families Program is that it helps parents realize their own worth and power, while also instilling in each child their value and ability to dream. Please join Back2Back in prayer as this program launches, that families become even more unified and driven toward sustainability.