Three Boys and a Chicken Coop

Rick Bursey, Back2Back staff, saw three boys gathered in a circle. They are the youngest in the home at nine, 10, and 11-years old, and their heads were bent down as they discussed something quietly by the chicken coop.

“This particular group of boys is always looking for ways to improve processes and space at the home,” shared Rick. “They are creative and the youngest really is the mastermind behind all of their planning,” he laughed. Recently, they built a chicken coop for the home, and the three boys have fallen in love with the entire set up. They love the chickens, take pride in feeding them, and also look after the garden on the property.

“They are our little farmers,” smiled Lisa Bursey, Back2Back staff, as she shared about the three young men.

At the back of the property, there was recently construction. The boys were looking at leftover pipes, the wheels turning in their heads at what could be done with their newfound treasures.

“I stayed back and just watched,” shared Rick. “We like to allow them space to try things out, discover on their own, as long as they’re safe.” Rick’s waiting paid off, because 20 minutes later the boys called Rick over to show him their masterpiece.

Joining together two pipes to make an ‘s’ shape, they created a spout from the outside of the chicken coop right inside to the water bowl, so they can pour water from the outside when they need to.

“This is brilliant!” Rick admired their handiwork and congratulated them on their problem solving skills. The three boys grinned ear to ear, then went on taking care of the area around the chicken coop.

This is the power of vulnerable children learning their own strengths, giftings, and the unique capacity they each possess – problem solving and creative output is possible. And they are learning the value of providing care to other living things. To all of this, we say, bravo!