Saying Yes to Time and Effort

At Back2Back sites around the world, when asked what they want to be when they grow up,  children often give similar answers. No matter their location, doctor, teacher, engineer, and soccer player are common responses. It is an important question to ask vulnerable children, especially, to remind them their choices are wide and their dreams are important.

Adaku* has called a partnering children’s home in Nigeria home for the last 11 years. At just nine-years old, her vision for life was clear – she wanted to be a flight attendant. “I remember very early on hearing Adaku share her aspirations,” shared Ene Oklo, Back2Back staff. “I loved how different her dream occupation was from what we usually hear. I found it especially sweet since she’s never seen an airplane for herself, but wanted a job that served others.”

Fast forward 11 years, and Adaku is a bright, eager young woman. She is preparing to graduate high school in just a few months, and her dream remains the same – to serve others by being a flight attendant. As staff came alongside her to consider university options and what to study specifically, she decided on International Studies. Adaku hopes to learn a new language to make her more marketable as a flight attendant.

“Adaku is excited for this next step in her educational journey, and she understands the work it will take to succeed,” shared Ene. Adaku is a young woman with dreams in mind, and she knows these things don’t just happen, they take time and effort, and to both she is saying, “I’m in.”