Saying Yes to Adventure

Oaxaca is about 20 hours by car from Monterrey. Back2Back doesn’t currently partner with any homes or families there, but this didn’t stop a young woman from making big moves to chase a dream.

Camila* made the 20 hour drive just over four years ago to enter Back2Back’s Hope Education Program. She acclimated into the family setting easily, stating her goals early, and relentlessly pursuing them one day at a time.

Camila’s hard work paid off recently as she graduated university with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her Hope Program parents planned a celebration, and in her red cap and gown, Camila joined the ranks of fellow Hope Program Students as she stepped forward for her own bell ringing ceremony.

The ringing of the bell is a commemorative moment for both the graduates and those who helped them reach their educational goals. As Camila stepped forward to ring the bell, honoring the time and attention she put into the last four years of her life, she was surrounded by the village of people who rallied around her. Her mom, sister, and grandparents, her Hope Program parents, peers, members from her church, and her sponsors via video were all present. 

“Her local pastor spoke a word over this time in Camila’s life and about the love and support that buoyed her through the last four years,” shared Sara Jensen, Back2Back staff.

Following the bell ceremony, there was a big dinner and her grandparents made homemade mole for everyone. Her grandfather walked around the room, radiant, sharing in the celebration of his beloved granddaughter. “It was a very clear picture of her biological family giving back in a practical way, as thanks for all her Hope family had done for her,” shared Sara.

Camila is no longer on campus, but has stayed in Monterrey. She currently has her own apartment, is working full-time at a bank, and is studying for her Master’s Degree. Camila’s celebration was a tangible example of “it takes a village.” Together, her bio family from afar and every safe adult she encountered on campus offered Camila the love, support, and fortitude to see her dreams become a reality.

Over four years ago, a young woman said yes to an adventure 20 hours away from everything she knew, and today, she is living independently, cognizant of the grace and favor present in her life. Please join Back2Back as we rejoice this season and Camila’s accomplishments.