To Play Like Children

Students in India, like so many globally, have felt the pressures of performing well in school amidst an ongoing pandemic and regular changes in how they attend classes. In mid-November, the staff wanted a day to celebrate all the children have accomplished and are working towards. They wanted to offer them an opportunity to simply have fun with each other.

The Back2Back campus held its first event where all the campus children, Strong Families children, and Hope Education Program children were present! The theme of the entire day was to celebrate each boy and girl and offer them space to play.

The day started with a time of connection and conversation, then they all headed outside for group activities and minute-to-win it challenges like tug-of-war. The day concluded with a chicken biryani meal. “It was a busy day, full of laughter and activity, but what was most touching was the children enjoying themselves and playing together,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Director. “There is so much pressure with their schooling as they make up for time lost in the classroom. It was a gift, to them and us, to have a day just for them to be children without the pressures.”