“I am surrounded by people I learn from. . .”

As Back2Back serves vulnerable populations globally, they strive for three distinct outcomes as holistic care is provided: dependency on Jesus, interdependency in their communities, and independent and sustainable living. These goals are worked toward in a number of ways, and ideally, every child and teen served would eventually choose to pursue each of their own accord.

A young woman in the Hope Education Program, Rosa*, is currently attending a Biblical discipleship school – YWAM San Diego/Baja California. It is a three month-long intense Biblical study where she learns about the historical background of the Bible and dives deep into each book within it. This intense study culminates in a two-week, local internship serving communities in the area she studied.

Rosa’s renewed focus and interest in serving others is a path she’s grown into after years of difficulty and disruption. She was one of the first young girls to come to a former partnering children’s home before joining the Hope Education Program. Serving Rosa over many years, staff saw her struggles in real time, resulting in hospital stays and working hard to become healthy. Rosa’s story includes hardship at a very young age. Those closest to her now see God was at her side through every moment in the valley, and He was planning a rescue and transformation the whole time.

Rosa shared recently, “In YWAM, I have a great family and above all am surrounded by people I learn from. I am experiencing all kinds of emotions and am learning the importance of decision-making. I’m also managing my time and finances well, and am excited to continue learning even more than what I’ve already learned.”  

The power of sponsorship, prayer, and advocacy are what make moments and stories like Rosa’s possible. Through generosity and example, she knows confidently how she wants to live her life and is actively in pursuit of it.