The Value of Always Learning

Trauma competency is a core component Back2Back staff are trained to offer every child and family they come alongside. These trainings allow staff to better understand addressing individuals from hard places who act out of their own hurts. It allows staff to help children and families take steps to heal emotionally in their own environments.

Recently, the caregiving staff at a Monterrey children’s home started receiving weekly Trauma Competent Care mini lessons. Caregivers are learning the theory around trauma, how to better understand the children they serve in light of their hurts, and how to begin a relationship of open communication and healing.

Caregivers are taking these lessons to heart, putting them into practice through activities and challenges. As a result, they are seeing the relationship between trauma and daily experiences with the children in their care.

Additionally, caregivers are opening up with each other, sharing, collaborating, and building trust, ultimately allowing them to work stronger as a team. Back2Back staff have seen caregivers putting these new lessons to practical use with the children they serve, and are seeing the positive impact it is having on every child.

This is the power of Back2Back’s core value of always learning – it benefits every child served, but also grows staff in empathy, self-awareness, and holistically.