A Brigade of Healing

In November, Back2Back staff in Mazatlan hosted a medical brigade at 12 Stones Resource Center.  Sarahi Obeso, Back2Back’s Health Services Coordinator, Dan Shuman, Back2Back Health Services Director, and Citlali Para, Back2Back Physical Therapist, led the team in providing check-ups for 47 children over the course of three days!

Back2Back is committed to coming alongside each child they serve in all aspects of their growth. Medical and dental care are essential to ensuring their physical development is healthy and not impeded by challenges. In pursuit of this vision, Back2Back makes sure every child receives health and dental checks every six months.

Dan, Citlali, and Sarahi worked together, along with local dentists and Back2Back staff, to take time with every child who showed up over the three days. While children waited to be seen, staff had stations of activities set up for them. They played games, painted, and watched movies in between their check-ups with the doctors. 

Staff are pleased to report there were no major health issues found, but several children will need glasses, a few will receive follow up appointments for minor abnormalities, and one child will begin speech therapy.

The commitment to holistic care and health galvanizes brigades like this and helps make them possible. Faithful staff and dedicated medical professionals ensure each child is met with kindness, consideration, and the overall goal of treating anything in need. It was a successful three days and every child who was served was reminded in very clear ways they are known and loved.