To Stay in the Fight

“Stay in the Fight” has been the cry of Back2Back staff since the global pandemic began. From virtual tutoring lessons, to food and hygiene pack deliveries, staff teams around the world have stepped up in innovative ways, providing ongoing holistic care for every child. 

In addition to the pandemic, Haiti has been under great duress- experiencing political upheaval, riots, and a gas shortage, impacting public services like hospitals, schools, and transportation. Hospitals were closed or only operating on solar power; tap-taps (Haiti’s public transportation) ran at a much higher cost due to the prices of gas and diesel. Many staff struggle to use public transportation to get to and from campus, but they keep showing up for the children they serve.

“There is a level of risk in commuting back and forth right now,” shared Katie Scott, Back2Back staff. “We trust God for everyone’s safety and collaborate to fill in gaps when someone can’t make it in.”

The diesel shortage in November meant captains weren’t able to use trucks to get to partnering homes, but they used public transportation as often as they could.  More recently, Haiti has experienced relief from some of its challenges, but they are far from operating at “normal” levels as a site. Staff still pursue holistic care for every child and family, trusting when things return to “normal,” relationships will not have suffered and care will not have been interrupted. Please join us in prayer over the faithful staff as they ensure every child in Haiti is known and loved.