Strengthening Their Roots

For several years, visiting teams and Back2Back staff have faithfully served families in the in one of two communities in Cancun. The original program center was small, but still it fit the practical needs of those who received services- tutoring, meals with visiting mission guests, parenting classes, and space to study.  

Staff have long been praying for a larger space as the Strong Family numbers increased.  Recently, they found a new community center space to move into! It has three houses that will eventually be used for programming and comes with a good amount of land to still develop. Visiting teams over the last year have stepped up to prepare the space for the families and their children.

Darlene Ruiz, Back2Back staff and long-time captain of the Strong Families Program shared, “Ever since I began working here, there have always been challenges, but I love to consider how God is at work here. The efforts are not in vain and God is with us, opening doors in this community.”

Local families pitched in, helping clean, prepare, and move into the new center. One of the moms even loaded up her motorcycle taxi to take large loads from the former center to the new one!  Please join us in prayer over this new space. Pray it would be a place of progress where the roots of each strong family are strengthened.