Going Above and Beyond Their Roles

Caring for vulnerable populations is something every staff member in Nigeria cares deeply about, no matter their position. It is more than just the captain of each partnering children’s home who puts in dedication and focus to ensure children have what they need. 

Two staff members who go above and beyond their call to care for the children in Nigeria are Ezekiell and Alphonsus, the staff drivers. The two men take children to and from school, to doctor’s appointments, to get food for the homes, and anything else requiring transportation. “Our drivers are always willing to pick someone up, no matter the time of day or night,” explained Meredith Messer, Back2Back staff. “They are incredibly dedicated to serving the kids and our staff team.”

It is currently the rainy season in Nigeria. Heavy rains fall night and day, and Ezekiel noticed some of the children needing larger rain coats to keep them, and their belongings, dry. Through a generous donation, Ezekiel purchased big enough raincoats to cover each child and their backpacks- they even have a handy pouch to store them. 

Alphonsus, the other driver, has been serving the children and staff for over a decade. The longevity of his service has allowed deep, meaningful relationships to be built with the children he drives everyday. He encourages the children who struggle in school, makes sure to ask how their days are, and gives a speech at the beginning of each new term of school. He reminds the children what’s important, and to remain focused on their studies.

Alphonus and Ezekiel give a clear, tangible picture of what holistic care really looks like – stepping into more than one role to serve the entire well being of every child they know and love. This is the power of saying yes – no matter what the role, every job matters and impacts each child.