Giving Glory to the Giver of Gifts

A visiting missions team gathered quietly around a group of four musicians. There was a glimmer of excitement and nerves in the air. The instructor, a caregiver at the partnering children’s home in Mexico, counted softly so the students could hear, “Uno, dos, tres . . .” 

The four guitarists strummed chords to the popular worship song Te Doy Gloria (I Give You Glory) as the missions team stood in respectful awe. Then the other children, standing behind those seated, sang along softly.  

It was a first of many moments for young students to learn new skills and share them with others. Four students recently asked a caregiver to teach them how to play guitar. The caregiver happily obliged, and for the last two months, has gathered with them for one hour everyday to teach guitar basics. Faithful sponsorship afforded guitars for each of the students.

The recent performance was exciting and well received, and sparked a new hope in students who sang along. “Many of the other children voiced wanting to learn to play the guitar after the visiting team came,” shared Back2Back staff. The director of the home has already designated funding for further lessons and guitars.

Music has proven to be much more than just  entertainment in the home – it’s gathering students and connecting them through skill and worship. The children and their instructor look forward to the ways they will be able to showcase their talents in the future and bring glory to the Giver of these unique gifts.