Classroom in a Garbage Truck

The Strong Families Program in India has allowed staff to witness the dedication of the students who are given fresh opportunities to pursue their educational dreams. Even when school went virtual for the students, they remained focused on their studies and asked for helping when it was needed.

Adya*, a young girl in the program, shows a lot of interest in learning different languages and doesn’t miss any classes. If her mobile data, how she takes part in virtual classes, runs out, she will go to friends’ houses nearby to make sure she can attend class. When she is home and able to use her own data, she uses her father’s garbage truck as her classroom. This allows her privacy to focus on her lessons and not be distracted by noises or others in her home.

This is a testament to what the gift of education means to children who call the slums of India home – it isn’t just fresh lessons every day, it’s an open doorway to their futures, and they’re not willing to miss any second of it.